Monday, September 17, 2012

Loving David by Gina Hummer

Published December 3, 2011

What would you do if someone like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson jumped into your car?

That’s what happens to Charlotte when out of nowhere, gorgeous movie star David King becomes her surprise passenger. Not recognizing him at first, the startled Charlotte’s initial impulse is to mace him. But once she realizes who he is and that he’s making an escape from a crowd of zealous fans, she puts away her pepper spray and thinks what a great story she’ll have to tell her girlfriends!

From there, the impossible happens: the two take tentative steps toward romance, and a relationship blooms. But Charlotte is a behind-the-scenes romance writer, and David is an in-the-spotlight and in-the-tabloids celebrity. Could it ever work?

Charlotte’s defenses drop one by one. Their age difference doesn’t really matter, and though their realities are worlds apart, they begin to become one. Just when everything seems to be leading to a storybook ending, David’s past intrudes, and Charlotte has to wonder if his romance with fellow star Olivia Hudson really is over.

This book has plenty of humor, se
x, romance and emotion. A touching read from beginning to end. (GoodReads)

Review: 5 stars

I am so excited that I had a chance to read this book. This has been one of my faves this year. 

Ms. Hummer sent me a copy of Loving David, and I was excited for a light hearted read after the whole erotica phase I went through. Starting out, the book is sweet and romantic. I was excited to see the lust and passion unfold.

It was about a third of a way through that I fell in LOVE with the characters, David and Charlotte and the entire story line. I was pleasantly surprised with the older woman-younger man relationship. 

Ms. Hummer did a fantastic job with character development. Readers can not help but empathize with Charlotte and lust after David. Their unexpected love is apparent and the series of events will bring tears to your eyes, keep you laughing out loud, and a smile on your face. 

I wish Gina Hummer lots of success with Loving David and I can not wait for the next release.