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 Welcome to Confessions of Novel Junkies.  We like books.  We want to marry them and have their babies.

 Courtney and Ammie

Hello, my name is Courtney...

I am an addict.  A 30 something mother of two who is absolutely obsessed with books, that's me.   I can't read enough to quench my addiction.

It all started with Oprah.  Oprah and her book club.  She's Come Undone, White Oleander, East of Eden... I could go on and on.  I eventually lost my way with books and just couldn't find much to keep me interested.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I broke up with Oprah and started a new relationship with Edward.  Yes, Twilight is what got me addicted again and I haven't been clean since.

I am obsessed with Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Paranormal.  If there are sexy aliens, vampires or rock stars, I'm hooked.  Give me a hit of a love triangle while the world is ending during a rock concert and I will be happy.

I read while I am cooking.  I read while my kids are in the tub.  I read in carpool line.  I even hide my reading from my husband, just like any responsible junkie would.  I can't get enough and I certainly can't stop.  Basically, I read as often as I can, wherever I can.

Books are my addiction.  If I can enable others like me then I am satisfied!

Oh, I own my own business also:  http://www.getunbuckled.com/  No, it isn't porn.  I make stuff, pretty stuff.

Ammie's addition: "She is equally as cool. I am jealous of all the free time she has to read. Plus...I love raiding her Kindle and her closets. I am lucky to have her." Kleenex...sniff...sniff... and we are over it!

Hi, my name is Ammie...

I am also an addict. I have been addicted to books for as long as I can remember. I get my reading fix on pretty much all genres. I am so excited to be a part of Confessions of Novel Junkies. I plan on contributing much more in the near future as I am just beginning a new school year.

Oh yeah....not only do I enjoy reading in my free time, I am also a Coach's wife, mother of two, and a teacher.

I squeeze in reading WHENEVER I can. I have been known to pick the longest line in the grocery store just so I have time to read....by myself.

Courtney's addition: "She is an addict as well.  She is smart and much cooler than me.  We are technically cousins but I would still love her if we weren't.   Ammie likes to read, a lot.  She has probably read more books than me.  Her favorites are Chick-Lit, Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction..."

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