Monday, August 27, 2012

Accidentally on Purpose by L.D. Davis

Accidentally on Purpose 

Emmy thinks her boss Kyle Sterling of Sterling Corporations is a jerk.

So, she sleeps with him.

Emmy tries to put the mistake behind her, but then finds herself snowed in with Kyle. As the snow builds, so does the heat in the house between the two. The problem is that Kyle has a steady girlfriend that he is unwilling to break up with. Emmy cuts Kyle off and starts dating Luke. Even as their relationship takes off, Emmy is finding Kyle hard to shake. He is blatant in his feelings and desires for Emmy, putting her in an awkward situation. She tries hard to resist Kyle, but deep down inside Emmy's motives are shady. When Emmy succumbs to her hidden feelings for Kyle without setting Luke free, devastating consequences ensue.

In addition to her two men, Emmy daydreams about doing violent things to her loud mouthed, opinionated mother.

With some humor and sarcasm, and of course, some tequila, Emmy's world will flip upside down as she deals with the results of "accidentally on purpose" falling for two men at once.

REVIEW: 3.8 Stars

Accidentally on Purpose is a story of a highly dysfunctional love triangle.   Not that there are any 'functional' love triangles.  Emmy hates her boss Kyle.  She hates him so much that she sleeps with him.  In the process of starting up an affair with Kyle Sterling (he is already in a commited relationship), Emmy falls for another coworker Luke.  She finds herself pulled in all different directions while trying to hold on to the two men she can't bring herself to let go of.

"Getting rid of Kyle was like going to detox.  Letting go of Luke was like kicking a puppy.  Maybe drowning a puppy."

Kyle is like a drug.  Luke is safe.  I get why she's confused but I had some issues with the book.

  • I did not find Emmy very likable.  She did not have much of a personality.
  • Just pick one already!! Ugggghhh!
  • Emmy and Kyle are addicted to each other but why???  The emotional side of their relationship wasn't explained thoroughly enough for me.
  • I felt Kyle's 'problem' came out of nowhere.

All of that being said, I did enjoy the last half of the book more than the first half.  Even though the negatives warranted the 3.8 stars, I still recommend reading this one.

"my heart accidentally started loving two men, but I purposely (and stupidly) acted on it instead of walking away from them."

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