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Shy-Town Girls (Book 1) by Wilson, Yih, Leimkuehler, and Clinesmith

Published November 23, 2012

Four Shy Girls, Four Big Dreams, One Awesome City

Book 1 in the Shy-Town Girls Quartet Series

When beautiful, but shy 24-year-old, Bobbie Bertucci, arrives at her new digs, an elegant brownstone in Chicago's historic Gold Coast neighborhood, she has no idea what her new life will be like. Between balancing her job as a modeling agent and escaping a bad relationship, she's hit rock bottom.

But things change when she moves into the same building as her close friend Meryl. Additionally, her two new twenty-something roommates, Ivy and Ella, help bring Bobbie out of her shell. Barbara, landlady and mother-hen of the house, watches out for the girls while sharing wisdom, sage advice, and guidance along better paths. Bobbie, Meryl, Ivy, and Ella, all variations of shy girls, brave the city of Chicago together, forming a powerful bond of friendship. Their nighttime roof deck conversations over glasses of wine instigate laughter and even some tears.

Bobbie takes a bold step to redesign her life completely to ensure she doesn't fall into the romantic trap she fell into before. But there's a new suitor in the picture, and she will have to decide between an old flame or a new one, taking a risk, something hard for any girl--even harder for a shy girl. (GoodReads)

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Today was the first day of fall and the first day of my new single life.

Ladies, if you love chic lit, and if you are a fan of the Sex and the City will love Shy-Town Girls. From the very beginning, I fell in love with Bobbie Bertucci and her awesome personality. She experiences many of life's pitfalls in this first of four book series. 

Love lost, friends gained and finding her Agape. 

You are now an official resident of 721 Dearborn

After moving out of her apartment with her model boyfriend, Bobbie finds her self taking up residents with 3 ladies her age and 1 spunky older woman who teaches Bobbie all about the meaning of love. 

Friendship, above all things, my love, lasts an eternity...beyond this life.

Nervous at first, Bobbie quickly creates lifelong friendships with her 3 roommates. Meryl, an old friend convinces Bobbie to move away from Charlie, the hot cheating model boyfriend, and into her house with Ivy, the beautiful party animal and Ella, the quiet mysterious dancer. It didn't take long for Bobbie to become one of the girls. 

The only way to understand Agape is to live it and let it consume you.

Bobbie learns all about the meaning of love from the Barbara, the older eccentric owner of the house. It wasn't until Oliver, Bobbie's best friend from childhood, starts to look at her in a different light that she truly learns the meaning of love. 

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